Freequently Asked Questions


What is the cost of the programme?

Teams involved in the programme will be selected on the basis of their relevance to the programme requirements. All selected participating teams (with the exception of the Open Challenge nomination winner) will pay a weekly participation fee of $75, or a one off fee of $2400 to participate in the programme.


How long is the programme?

The programme runs over 8 months. It opens in the last week of April, and runs through to the beginning of December.


What is the time commitment?

Full information about this is given on the application form – however as a summary participants are required to be present at the monthly physical meetups, participate in peer-to-peer support, complete programme components and attend the arranged events (2 during the course of the programme).


You say ‘teams’ can apply. Am I able to apply if there is just me in my business, or if only one person in our business would be able to take part in the programme?

Yes. The programme is designed for businesses, and so both teams and individuals working in the business can apply.


Do I have to have an existing business to be considered?

Yes, you must have an incorporated company to be able to participate. There are other criteria being considered – see the home page for more information.


How do I know that my information and ideas will be protected?

Impact Hub take the confidentiality of your business seriously and all of your company and personal information shared in the course will be handled responsibly and privately. We have an international reputation for entrepreneurial support, and our primary drive is toward YOUR success.